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Why Should I be using a Body Camera Instead of a GoPro?

Why Should I be using a Body Camera Instead of a GoPro?

GoPros are great devices for capturing those treasured memories from your holidays or recording all of the action from your adventure sporting getaways, but in the case of collecting reliable, irrefutable evidence; they lose out to body cameras almost every time. Yes, GoPros are rugged and record in high definition but they do not offer as robust a solution when it comes to providing evidence to be used in prosecutions or other legal matters should the need arise.


Date/Time Stamp

Professional Body Worn Cameras utilise a date/time stamp as standard, which not only demonstrates the exact timing of any events captured but also prevents the possibility of anyone tampering with the footage. Timestamps make identifying altered footage easy and rest assured there are trained professionals around who know what to look out for. 


GPS Tagging

As well as a date/time stamp, many body-worn cameras are now equipped with GPS tagging. The ability to watermark GPS coordinates onto the recorded video also adds another layer of reliability. the body camera user can use this information to prove the exact date, time and location of any events. 


Pre & Post Record Buffer

The pre/post record function present on body cameras can often prove crucial when collecting footage to be used as evidence. Not only does it allow you 30 seconds of leeway either side of starting and stopping a recording but it is surprising how important those 30 seconds could be when it comes to providing context. Learn more about the benefits of the pre/post record buffer here.


Optimised for Low Light Conditions

Body cameras are designed to excel at capturing footage in low-light environments and to work well in adverse weather conditions. With infrared lighting, ultra wide angle lenses and powerful LED lights, body camera users can be assured of quality, visible footage even in poor conditions.


Secure Evidence Management Software

Professional body-worn camera solutions not only provide the means to capture reliable footage but manage the footage safely and securely. Body cameras can be PIN protected and encrypted to make sure that there is no unauthorised access to the files at any point in their journey. This is crucial when using the footage as evidence. 


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