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How to use the GPS Tagging Feature with the Philips DVT3120 Body Camera

How to use the GPS Tagging Feature with the Philips DVT3120 Body Camera

The Philips DVT3120 VideoTracer Body Camera comes equipped with a GPS Tagging feature. This feature allows users to store GPS location data on the device in relation to the footage captured. Not only can you prove the date/time of events recorded, but also the exact location using the GPS Tagging function. 

Step 1 - with the camera switched on, press the large middle button to access the main menu. How to configure GPS tagging with a Philips DVT3120


Step 2 - Press the middle button (3x) until you reach the 'settings' icon located at the top right of the screen.

 How to set up GPS tagging on the Philips DVT3120 Step 2


Step 3 - use the ">>" and "<<" keys to navigate up and down (respectively) within the settings menu to 'GPS'. Hit the "Play" button to enter the GPS Menu.

How to configure GPS tagging with the Philips DVT3120 Step 3


Step 4 - Navigate to "On" and press the 'Play" button to change the GPS settings. The device will now have GPS Tagging activated in record mode. 

How to activate GPS tagging using the Philips DVT3120 step 4


Accessing the GPS Data on the Philips DVT3120

With the GPS tagging feature activated, the Philips DVT3120 will now store GPS data on the device. You can access this data by switching the device on and plugging it to a PC via the supplied USB cable. This data can be cross-referenced with the date/time data on the watermark and video file information to provide reliable, irrefutable evidence should you ever need it.

Access GPS Data using the Philips DVT3120 Body Camera

Access GPS data using the Philips DVT3120 Body Camera

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