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Why is the Pre/Post Record Feature Vital for Body Camera Users?

Why is the Pre/Post Record Feature Vital for Body Camera Users?

The pre/post record function (or 'buffer') allows the wearer to capture events up to 30 seconds prior to pushing the record button, and 30 seconds after recording has stopped. The obvious advantage of this function is that it allows users some leeway when events unfold quickly. If you are slower off the mark to push record, you can rest assured that footage will still be captured to later refer back to.

A less obvious advantage of the pre/post record feature is that it can prove imperative in providing context. Context is crucial as people will have more likely than not modify their behavior once they are aware that recording has commenced. That 30 seconds of footage can protect the wearer's liability and justify any actions taken to restrain or caution an individual. 

In some cases, body-worn video footage can be contested in court. Once the person in question has modified their behavior, it can be difficult to pinpoint the events that justified the user commencing recording. With an additional 30 seconds prior and post operating the body camera, you are provided with the means to comprehensively back up your case.

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