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Body Worn Camera Systems for Premiership Football

Body Worn Camera Systems for Premiership Football

Football matches can be a theatre for antisocial, abusive and aggressive behavior. With the recent wave of racism at clubs, the football association now needs to make some big changes to the game and some important decisions with regards to keeping fans and players safe from harm and abusive behavior. 

Sporting clubs across the board are now investing in body-worn video solutions to identify incidents, capture footage and securely manage evidence to aid prosecutions. If offenders know they are at risk of being caught, any antisocial behavior can be deterred and anyone who persists can face consequences.

Hytera's IDS body camera system has been rolled out to a number of high profile premiership football clubs for exactly this reason. Administrators can restrict access to any footage via two-level authentification and hone in on key events by filtering evidence by time, user ID and media type. 

Using the Hytera MCA22 multi docking station, up to 16 devices can be docked at a time, automatically downloading footage to a secure folder. Any footage from the device is automatically deleted, with a new, fully charged battery waiting to be inserted into the body camera before the next user goes out on shift. 

Looking for a complete, secure body worn video solution that will get results? Get in touch on 0121 456 7800 to speak to a product specialist. 

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