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What is the best Body Camera for personal use?

What is the best Body Camera for personal use?

Body Cameras have grown in popularity over recent years, due to the ever growing need to protect personal liability, collect evidence of antisocial behaviour and to deter aggressive and violent situations. 

Body Cameras are already used in a wide range of industry sectors, from healthcare to retail, to ensure that staff and customers alike can be held accountable for illegal and antisocial activity. Now, more and more personal users are adopting body cameras to collect footage and deter aggressive behaviour in the unfortunate event that they be required. 

What to consider when purchasing a Body Camera for personal use:

Durability: Many Body Cameras are built to withstand the elements and are dust and windproof. Is there a chance that your device will need to be used outside in the rain, or may be dropped in the puddle? If this is the case, then you may want to consider a device with either an IP67 or IP68 rating to ensure that your device will work reliably in these conditions. 

Storage capacity: How much footage are you looking to collect? Whilst some users opt for a body camera as a durable alternative to something like a GoPro, you may find that 'less is more' when it comes to using a body camera for personal protection, which in turn means that less storage capacity is required. Best practise is to only record events as and when they occur; not to record the entire dog walk for example. There are Body Cameras available that offer expandable storage with an external SD card, whilst others offer internal memory only. 

Night vision: Are you using the device in low light/night time conditions? Then you would more than likely require a device that uses infrared LEDs to record footage in these conditions. 

Ease-of-use: Most devices offer a 'one-push' operation for starting and stopping recording. Others offer a wide range of features, and even a touch-screen operating system - which is ideal for some situations but not others. These devices are amongst the simplest to use and ideal Body Cameras for personal use.

Security: Do you need to protect your footage? In most cases when using a body camera for personal use, this is not often necessary. Many entry-level devices do not offer a layer of security, which makes file transfer to a PC simple and striaght forward. Other devices, designed to be used in more professional environments, offer device PIN protection and full 256-bit AES encryption for complete data security. 

Some Quick Recommendations for Personal Use:

Need advice on purchasing a body camera for personal use? Why not call us on 0121 456 7800 to speak with a body worn camera product specialist. 

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