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Body Cameras to be Worn by Ambulance Staff after a Rise in Attacks

Body Cameras to be Worn by Ambulance Staff after a Rise in Attacks

Ambulance workers in the UK will be supplied with Body Cameras after the number of assaults against workers has risen to almost a third over a five year period, with more than 3,500 attacks on emergency care staff were recorded last year. 

The NHS believe that the cameras could act as a deterrent and would help to discourage violent and aggressive behaviour towards ambulance staff. 

Chief people officer for NHS England Prerana Isaar said: "Every member of our dedicated and hardworking NHS staff has the fundamental right to be safe at work and it is our priority to eliminate violence and abuse, which we will not tolerate". 

Steve Powis, NHS England Medical Director mentions: "Initial trial findings show that the body cameras make staff feel safer and can assist in de-escalating situations where staff are faced with someone being aggressive towards them". 

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