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Cloud-based Body Camera Systems: What are the Benefits?

Cloud-based Body Camera Systems: What are the Benefits?

With a range of options available for both collecting, managing and storing body camera footage, it can raise the question as to what is the right solution for your business or organsiation? 

Body camera systems fall into two main categories; on-premise systems and cloud-based systems. The key difference is that an on-premise solution uses your existing IT infrastructure (e.g. server space, processing power, local storage etc.) to store the collected evidence on site. This is the preferred option to some, who have concerns over perhaps the physical location of the data stored and also for smaller teams who do not require a large amount of infrastructure in place for an on-premise solution to be viable. 

However, if the necessary IT infrastructure is either unavailable or otherwise the IT resource base is currently being used by other business critical applications and processes, a cloud-based option may be for you. Read on below to discover the key benefits on opting for a cloud-based body camera evidence management system.

No strain on existing IT infrastructure

With your footage being securely uploaded to the cloud, users do not need to worry about taking up storage on an existing device or server. Body Camera footage in HD can take up a large amount of storage space, especially if you have multiple cameras in use and footage fro each of those cameras is being uploaded and retained for a set period of time. 

Cloud-based body camera systems allow for ample storage - meaning that you will not suddenly run out of space for important footage. 

Remote access and flexibility

With your body camera footage being held securely in the cloud, administrators are able to access the footage easily via a web-based login. No software is required to be installed locally on any PC and access is not restricted by location. Secure cloud-based systems allow for role-based permission levels and multi-factor authentication, to ensure that access is granted to authorised personnel only. 

Access to automatic updates and new features

As the software is hosted in the cloud, users will always have access to the latest version available - automatically. Any new features, additional plugins or updates can be applied to the account, enabling administrators to make use of new tools such as automatic redaction, live streaming and GPS location tagging. 

Upload to a central location from multiple sites

If you are looking to implement a body camera solution across multiple sites, but need to centrally manage the evidence collected, a cloud-based solution may be the best option. with an EMS Cloud solution, users only need to dock their body cameras into the station to enable upload - no PC's required on site, and therefore no data controller/administrator required on site to manage the collected evidence. 


Cloud-based body camera systems are easily scalable. Users can easily add sites, users and devices to a cloud-based system with little if any configuration required. No additional on software would be required. 

In conclusion...

It's not to say that cloud-based solutions are the be all and end all when it comes to the best body camera solution to fit your needs, although certainly do offer a large amount of flexibility and ease-of-use when considering a solution that takes multiple sites into account.

Many businesses and organisations have unique sets of requirements and we aim to offer a solution to each; be it a cloud-based, hybrid or standalone on-premise system, why not get in touch with us on 0121 456 7800 to discuss your requirements with a Body Camera product specialist. 

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