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SmartEye Live Streaming Soon Available for Hytera Body Cameras

SmartEye Live Streaming Soon Available for Hytera Body Cameras

SmartEye will enable Hytera VM780 bodycam users to securely live-stream footage back to a control room over mobile data and WiFi. 

With the Body Camera industry booming due to successful trials and roll-outs throughout blue light services worldwide, more and more businesses and organisations are implementing body camera systems to keep frontline workers safe, protect personal liability and to capture reliable footage whenever required. 

The demand for a live-stream enabled body cam system has been tremendous and Hytera has not disappointed; SmartEye is set to be one of the only systems around that enables users to securely transmit video and audio back to a control room. Admin and control room personnel can view footage in real-time. This empowers support staff to better assist and advise in mission-critical situations, with an array of audio-visual communication tools at their disposal to make sure not one detail is missed.

Live-streamed footage can be used both for active operations and training purposes. The ability to monitor your front-line personnel in real-time provides an additional element of security to your system. The support staff will know instantly when a situation requires urgent attention, vastly improving personal safety and adherence to procedure. 

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SmartEye Release Date TBC. 

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