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Body Cameras Aid in Improving Employee Retention

Body Cameras Aid in Improving Employee Retention

If employees feel threatened at work, businesses and organisations will more than likely struggle to retain many of their valuable, trained employees.  

I'm referring mostly to public-facing positions where workers are often out and about in the more undesirable locations during unsociable hours. Employees who are concerned about their personal safety are more likely to leave for a safer job elsewhere. This not only means that businesses often lose valuable employees but can also cost the business thousands in the recruitment and onboarding of new personnel.

Ensuring that employees feel safe at work should be amongst, if not the companies main priority. In busy city centres and inner-city locations, some frontline workers are often exposed to a, shall we say, less than desirable crowd. Places like bus stations, train stations and car parks attract large amounts of people and can become a hotbed for criminal or anti-social activity.

Road workers are often in considerable danger at work, especially when construction and maintenance is carried out on motorways, 'A' roads and active dual carriageways. Many construction and maintenance companies have started to implement body cameras to aid in capturing evidence of dangerous practises and inconsiderate driving. 

Equipping workers with body cameras acts as a strong visual signifier that CCTV recording is in action. The fact that would-be offenders can see the cameras (and with many devices, the front-facing screen) is often enough to deter individuals from acting outside of the law. 

In the event that workers are required to capture footage of incidents, high-quality evidence can be submitted securely. Offenders can be easily identified and held accountable, with all evidence managed appropriately and in accordance with data protection guidelines using secure body-worn recording devices and intuitive management solutions. This not only helps in demonstrating to personnel that employee wellbeing is being carefully considered but can also aid in stamping out issues at the source. 

If you are considering implementing a body camera system and would like some more advice, feel free to call on 0121 456 7800 or contact us here and a body camera specialist will get back in touch very soon.


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