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Promoting Safety & Protecting Personal Liability for Delivery Drivers & Couriers

Promoting Safety & Protecting Personal Liability for Delivery Drivers & Couriers

You may well have heard news stories about delivery drivers & couriers (both self-employed and working for larger global businesses) being attacked, abused, insulted or accused of misconduct when out on deliveries. We are not about to scare anybody, but with the ever-growing demand for urgent deliveries due to the booming online shopping phenomenon, it's not surprising how drivers can often become caught in the firing line.

Drivers like Mr. Hussain and his colleagues have 'felt unsafe for months' following numerous incidents of drivers attacked by youths in various areas of the country. Delivery drivers have very little control over which locations they are sent to and must prepare themselves in the event of the unexpected. 


Safety Risks for Delivery Drivers

Unfortunately, many drivers out there (self-employed or otherwise) may not have adequate measures in place to protect themselves when at work. Many thieves are looking to steal vehicles, packages and money and as drivers more often than not work alone, can be seen as an easy target to criminals. Fast food delivery drivers, who often deliver late at night, are amongst the most at risk of attack. 


Measures Drivers Can Take To Avoid Incidents

  • Keep cash to a minimum. Many companies have a 'credit card only' policy.

  • Take breaks and avoid working too much if possible. If you feel tired, you should find somewhere safe and preferably public to stop.

  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area and remember to secure the vehicle.

  • Don't try to protect your money, vehicle or other valuables if threatened - your personal safety is the number one priority!

  • Consider the use of a body worn recording device to capture footage of any events that take place. This can help to protect your personal liability, provide reliable footage should you need it during prosecution and it is proven that body cameras can act as a deterrent for antisocial behavior. Research shows that people act differently when they know they are being recorded. This is due to what's known as the Observer Effect. (Read more about this here).

We would never wish to tell you how to do your job, but we can provide assistance should you need it when it comes to capturing footage when out on delivery. We have put together this list based on recommendations from experienced drivers who have benefited from the use of a body-worn camera in their line of work. If you would more advice on purchasing a body worn video system, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a product specialist on 0121 456 7800 or via LiveChat. Stay safe!

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