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Body Cameras Deter Attacks and Abuse at Hospitals

Body Cameras Deter Attacks and Abuse at Hospitals

The BBC has reported on the implementation of body cameras in hospitals and the effect of the devices on reducing incidents of antisocial, abusive and violent behavior towards members of staff. 

Body cameras are being used to record attacks and abuse towards hospital staff at five of Wales' health boards in a bid to deter violent behavior.

Aneurin Bevan is the latest to give security staff the cameras after 15,113 incidents in the last five years.

One A&E nurse said he was threatened on a weekly basis and once had a patient grab him by the throat. He said the cameras meant "it's no longer just our word against theirs".

Head of security, Damian Winstone, said the cameras were more effective than traditional CCTV and had led to successful convictions for a range of offenses.

"The use of body cameras is improving how patients, staff and visitors conduct themselves," he said. This is due to the 'cooling down' effect body cameras have as people tend to act more responsibly when they know they are being recorded due to the possibility that they can be held accountable. 

Click here to read the full article from the BBC

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