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Making use of Body Worn Video in Property, Construction & Real-estate

Making use of Body Worn Video in Property, Construction & Real-estate

Individuals working in property development in general spend a lot of time out of the office and on the road. Construction sites and projects-in-progress are teeming with visual information - too much to sensibly capture in a single voice recording or hand written note. 

For an industry based on a degree of visual aesthetics, the use of photography and video footage for reporting can prove extremely beneficial. This footage can be easily captured using a body worn camera, leaving the user's hands free to complete other tasks and focus safely on the job at hand. 

Once the footage has been recorded, the video file can be transferred to a PC and reviewed any time, with any important voice notes from the transcribed into text to be later used in a report. Property development professionals who are not currently using body-worn cameras to capture their findings could run the risk of missing out on important details that could prove costly at a later date. Capturing high-quality information when on-site is vital. 

Footage from a body-worn video camera can not only improve the quality of the information available to property development professionals and their clients but also improves the speed that they can turn around documentation. For the property industry (like most others) the old adage of 'time is money' applies. The faster property surveyors can turn around documentation, the happier their clients are likely to be and in turn the more revenue they are able to generate for the business. 

Construction sites can also be a dangerous place of work, especially if health & safety guidelines are not adhered to. Eyewitness accounts alone are not always reliable and can also be untruthful; video footage of events, behavior and activities on-site provides irrefutable evidence should anything, unfortunately, occur when at work, ensuring the users' and their colleague's liability is protected if ever called into question. 

Security is another factor that professionals working in the property development and real-estate sector need to take into account. Construction sites are often targeted by thieves due to the valuable equipment and resources that are left on site. These sites are often manned by security personnel, who will also require the means to capture reliable video evidence should the unexpected occur. 

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