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Delivering Peace of Mind with Body Worn Video | Something to Consider for Couriers & Delivery Drivers

Delivering Peace of Mind with Body Worn Video | Something to Consider for Couriers & Delivery Drivers

In the ultra-connected modern age, websites make it easier than ever for us to purchase our goods online and see where they are at every step of the journey. The demand on a couriers time has increased dramatically due to the ever-growing online shopping phenomenon with global companies shipping out millions of parcels daily to customers worldwide.

Couriers and delivery drivers can often get caught in the firing line for a variety of reasons; theft, misplaced parcels or failure to act in accordance with company policies to name a few. Without any physical evidence or reliable footage; it often boils down to 'your word against theirs'. 

When it comes to a customer complaint the courier can often be the one bearing the brunt of all ill will. To ensure that you can reinforce the fact that you are operating within company policy, drivers and delivery companies should consider the use of body cameras. Using a body-worn camera, drivers can instantly record any event, accident or conversation which can be referred back to at a later point, if required. 

More worryingly is the threat that many delivery drivers face when out on the road. Drivers are frequently targeted by criminals looking to steal goods or money from the drivers' vehicles. This often occurs in remote, poorly lit locations where the individuals in question can try to ensure their actions are least visible.

Employing a body-worn camera means that drivers are not only covered when on the road (via a dashcam or a mounted body camera) but when out of the vehicle and on foot. Due to the nature of the 'Observer Effect' and the ability to record any aggressive, abusive or antisocial behavior immediately puts the driver in a more advantageous position. 

Using a body camera drivers can either attempt to deter individuals from acting outside of the law and attempting to steal goods from the vehicle and can make sure that they have reliable footage to use as evidence should anything happen. 

Body cameras, for the most part, are inexpensive and have proven time and time again to be a reliable tool for capturing high-quality evidence.

With more and more companies like Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber promoting quick and easy fast food delivery, along with larger corporations like Amazon who offer free express shipping, ensuring the safety and security of frontline employees can be achieved with the help of systems in place like the means to spontaneously record video when required. 

Are you a delivery driver or rider? Want to learn more about how you can protect both your personal liability and your safety when at work? Get in touch today with a product specialist on 0121 456 7800.


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