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A Closer Look at the Hytera VM685 Body Camera System

A Closer Look at the Hytera VM685 Body Camera System

The Hytera VM685 is an ideal choice for users looking for a secure body camera system. The device itself features a front-facing screen with a rotatable lens, meaning that the screen can be faced forward to allow subjects to see clearly that recording is taking place.

Along with a front-facing screen, the VM685 is IP67 rated so users can remain confident that the body camera will operate reliably in all environmental conditions. Evidence captured on the body camera can be securely processed using the Hytera SmartMDM Software solution. 

Using the MCA22 multi-unit docking station, multiple VM685s can be docked for fast charging and automatic file download. Access is restricted to administrators only, enabled by a password (for transfer to a PC/secure folder) or by 6 digit PIN lock on the device. This is an ideal solution for organisations who need to manage small to large-sized teams. Role-based permissions can be easily enforced and the devices can be configured using the included RVM manager software.

Evidence can be tagged, searched, exported, deleted or archived using the SmartMDM software. Other features include an automatic purge function whereby older, unused footage can be automatically deleted after an allocated period of time, ensuring that your system is GDPR compliant and operates in accordance with data protection/retention guidelines. 

For more information on the Hytera VM685 Body Camera System, or to learn more about our entire range of body-worn video solutions, feel free to call on 0121 456 7800 to speak with a body camera product specialist. If you would like to see the latest body-worn tech in action, why not come down to HQ in Worcestershire for a demonstration - get in touch here!

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