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Hytera's VM690 Pro | The Future of Body Cameras

Hytera's VM690 Pro | The Future of Body Cameras

Hytera's newest body camera, the VM690 Pro, is an all new state-of-the-art body camera that comes with an arsenal of impressive features.

The most notable new feature is easily the three-point gimble stabilization. Utilizing a 3-axis stabilizing system, recording motion with the VM690 Pro is extremely smooth. Micro adjustments made internally help to balance out the shaking effect caused by walking and running, which allows for clearer body camera footage.

Night Vision

Another new addition for the Hytera VM range is full colour night vision. Allowing for greater detail in darker conditions, picking out details that had been previously missed in recordings has never been easier. When combined with the new 3-point gimble stabilization, easily capture crystal clear, steady motion recording at any time of the day.


Livestreaming and GPS Tagging

Backed by 3G and 4G, livestream your recording footage directly to an alternative device for on-the-go decision-making from a third party. Also paired with GPS tracking, review the path taken via the digital evidence management system to define the exact route taken.

Water and Dust Proof

Rated IP68 (What's This?), this model is fully submersible in water for longer periods of time and also fully particle and dustproof, making it excellent for strong weather conditions. With a tried and tested drop height of 1.5 metres, the VM690 can survive even the clumsiest of people.

Lens Rotation and Screen Setup

Easily rotate the camera lens up to 216 degrees for a full range of camera angles while recording. This feature can also be utilized to display the 2.5-inch screen while recording an offender to deter anti-social behaviour.


Record in 1080p HD at 60fps for sharper, smoother footage. Assisted by a powerful, 3500mAh (milliampere / hour) battery, record for long periods of time without having to recharge.

If you have any queries regarding this product or would like to place an order, please feel free to call today on 0121 456 7800 or email us at

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