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Body Cameras, Radios & a Control Room in the Cloud: Hytera HyTalk & Smart DEMS Solution

Hytera body cameras are the best the industry has to offer when it comes to build quality, durability, ease of operation and security. Hytera also offer some of the best cloud-solutions for seamless communication and easy evidence upload with the HyTalk PoC platform and the Smart DEMS evidence management system. 

Hytera HyTalk PoC Solution

HyTalk is a completely secure, wide-area PTT solution, utilising PoC (Push-to-talk Over Cellular). All that's required is an internet connection (e.g. WiFi or 4G) and a supported Hytera device, more information on compatible hardware can be found here. 

Turn your body camera into a two-way radio with ease - there's no need for your team to carry multiple devices. Hytera Body Cameras can be used to record footage and for radio communication via the HyTalk platform and the integrated push-to-talk buttons on the device. 

As well as instant communication between devices, HyTalk has a central administration console, or 'Despatcher'. Logged in to the Despatcher via a web-browser, users can keep track of devices with an integrated GPS and map view. The HyTalk Despatcher allows for communication from the 'control room' to any device - with the added ability of being able to easily push images or videos out to any device in the field!

For example, you've got an ID on a suspect. Let your team members know who to look out for by sending an image to all devices that can be viewed on their body camera screens!

Need to see what your colleagues are seeing? The HyTalk despatcher also enables live-streaming from body worn cameras directly back to your 'control room' in the cloud. 

Interested in Hytera's HyTalk PoC Solution? Call today on 0121 456 7800, email or find out more here. 

Hytera Smart DEMS Evidence Management Solution

As well as the innovative, cloud-based HyTalk solution, Hytera provides another cloud-based offering for easy, secure and automated evidence upload; Hytera Smart DEMS (Digital Evidence Management System). 

Using a compatible Hytera Body Camera, Smart DEMS enables your users in the field to automatically upload footage to the cloud - no cables or end-user software required!

Devices equipped with access to a Hytera Smart DEMS account automatically upload footage to your cloud account as soon as the device is connected to a pre-determined, authorised WiFi network.

For example, your colleagues may be out in the field, using their body worn cameras to record evidence securely on the device's internal storage. Footage can begin uploading to Smart DEMS automatically as soon as they have reached their home or office WiFi network. 

From the central administration login, all uploaded evidence can be filtered, searched and tagged for easy management. You can use the Smart DEMS software to build 'cases' by linking footage, audio and images together in dedicated folders. Footage can be archived and exported from Smart DEMS as required. 

For more information on Smart DEMS, Hytera HyTalk or Hytera Body Cameras and equipment, please feel free to call today on 0121 456 7800 to speak with a product specialist. 

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