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Hytera VM550D Body Camera Review

Hytera VM550D Body Camera Review

The Hytera VM550D Body Camera is the lone workers' tool for capturing reliable HD evidence. The VM550D is a small, lightweight yet powerful body camera providing users with a variety of features. The team at have put the VM550D to the test...

 Hytera VM550D Body Camera Box Contents

VM550D Overview

The VM550D is neatly and stylishly presented in sustainable, recycled packaging. The box contains everything one user needs to get up and running instantly and assembly/setup is quick and easy. 

The device has a color LCD screen on the back of the device for quick playback in the field. The user can change device settings and view recorded/captured data. The colour LED on the front near the camera signals that recording is taking place. 


Box Contents

  • Hytera VM550D Body Camera
  • VM550D Battery 
  • Quick Start Guide
  • EU/UK Mains Adapter
  • USB Charging/Data Transfer Cable
  • Belt Clip


Device Configuration

Like the VM550D, all Hytera Body Cameras are supplied with the free of charge BWC Manager software. This software tool allows users to configure the device for optimal performance in any environment. Users are able to change and configure multiple settings on the device, such as; pre/post record time, screen timeout, image quality, video quality, user ID and more. 

The BWC manager also allows users to apply an extra layer of security to the footage captured; footage can be played back on the VM550D, but users are not able to delete footage until the body camera is connected to a PC running the BWC software. Users will then need to authenticate access using a password in order to make changes, view, save or delete footage. This simple tool makes the Hytera VM550D an ideal device for single users or small user bases. 


Hytera VM550D Body Camera Programming Mode Review


Build Quality

The VM550D although lightweight and small in size is rugged and reliable. Built to MIL-STD-810G specifications, the VM550d can withstand drops of up to 2m. This means a drop from chest/head height will not cause a problem to the integrity and operation of the device in normal use. The VM550D is also IP67 rated, making the device suited to dusty and damp environments. 

The controls are clearly labeled with icons of each independent function for easy operation. The image capture and video capture controls are also concave/convex so users are able to commence recording or capture a still image without having to look at the device and worry about hitting the wrong button.


Record Time & Quality

The VM550D body camera can record footage for over 42 hours in standard definition (128 GB version). The standard 16 GB version will allow users to record nearly 3 hours of footage in high definition. With four storage sizes to choose from; users can be sure to find the optimal device to meet their requirements. With the loop recording function enabled, the VM550D will record over older, unused and untagged footage to make sure that important events can still be captured even when the device storage space is full.

Video can be captured in full 1080p ensuring that footage captured is crystal clear and of the highest quality. The wide-angle provides users with the means to capture a larger area when recording whilst the night vision function combined with LED flashlight makes night-time recordings reliable and clearly visible. 


 Hytera VM550D Device Management and Build Quality


Using the VM550D for Secure Evidence Management

The Hytera VM550D Body Camera comes into its own when paired with the Hytera SmartMDM Evidence Management software. All users need to do is plug the device in via USB cable whilst running the SmartMDM software. The footage, images, audio and log files will be transferred securely from the device to the PC automatically. Once downloaded, users can access the footage using the administration password.

The SmartMDM graphic user interface makes tagging, searching and playing back evidence simple and intuitive. Important recordings can be easily called upon and can be exported to an external folder using the administration password. This makes all elements of controlling any data captured completely secure, with users able to restrict access to files easily for compliance with GDPR. 

Hytera BWC Manager Software for VM550D


The Verdict

The VM550D is a simple, cost-effective yet intuitive device for capturing footage and evidence in the field. The device is simple to operate and reliable. The two-layer security features make this the perfect device for smaller teams and lone-workers, with users able to easily and securely manage their footage whilst restricting access to important data. The device does not provide a lot of the functionality of the VM685 and VM780 models, such as the rotatable lens and front-facing screen, but offers a simple solution for entry-level body-worn video. 8/10.

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