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Hytera SmartMDM IDS (Integrated Device Station) Software & Smart USB License

by Hytera

£774.00 incl. VAT

SKU 13089900000024

Looking for a cloud-based alternative for secure evidence management? Why not take a look Hytera Smart DEMS Cloud >>

Hytera Smart MDS IDS Software provides an intuitive, GDPR compliant, comprehensive & secure solution for managing body camera footage, collecting evidence and managing your team devices. The IDS (integrated device station) allows you to automatically download footage from 16 devices at a time onto your preferred, secure folder. Ideal for small to large user bases. 

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 Download Hytera Smart MDM Software Overview


Designed for use with the Hytera MCA22 multi-unit docking station - not only does the MCA22 multi dock charge Hytera devices and spare batteries, but allows quick file transfer to the SmartMDM software. Once footage from the Hytera body camera is downloaded, the memory on the body camera is restored. When users charge a spare battery using the MCA22 dock, the device is instantly ready for another shift.

Hytera MCA22 Multi Dock Workflow Image


View, tag and save evidence - using the SmartMDM software, users are able to easily view, tag and save footage. 

Automatically removes footage - no longer worry about your device's storage capacity; the SmartMDM software will automatically delete files from the device once they have been securely transferred to your folder, ensuring your workforce are ready to go every time. 

Full security - Hytera's IDS software solution is completely secure. Using 256-bit AES encryption and two-level authentication, you can be sure that there will be no unauthorised access to the footage. With customisable user-based permissions, devices are locked via a 6 digit PIN code, with access granted to administration staff only.

Remote Device Manager - instantly push out updates to multiple devices. Configure device settings, passwords, permissions and more ensuring your whole system is operating within the same parameters. 

Key Features
  • Security features including password protection and device PIN lock ensures that only authorised personnel have access to footage.
  • Auto-sync of Hytera body cameras as soon as they are connected
  • Utilise the MCA22 multi-dock for fast and efficient management of the entire fleet. 
  • Automatically upload footage to your companies secure drive. 
What's Included
  • Hytera SmartMDM IDS (Integrated Device Station) Software
  • Smart USB licence dongle (required for SmartMDM)