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Security Personnel

One of the main issues many security professionals face on a day-to-day basis involves the antisocial and sometimes aggressive behaviour from a small minority of the public. In today's society, eyewitness accounts of events often mean that it is simply your word against somebody else - especially if there is no sufficient evidence to back your case up.

Security personnel are not only putting themselves in physical danger, but could also run the risk of being charged with excessive use of force if an offending member of the public becomes injured in a confrontation. As well as keeping the public safe, security personnel must also worry about their own personal liability in these high-profile situations.

Body Worn Camera for Security Firms and Personnel 

How can a Body Worn Camera System help?

A compact video/audio recording device worn on duty will ensure that security personnel have means to capture footage of any events that occur at the push of a button. Security staff can be assured that reliable evidence of the event is recorded in high quality, enabling personnel to provide important footage should reliable evidence if required. With features including night vision, wide angle lenses and pre/post record buffer; security staff can ensure that every second of action is captured. The video evidence can then be used for training purposes and legal cases should it ever be required. 

A wearable body worn camera in many cases also acts as a deterrent, whereby members of the public who could have been prone to abuse, assault or act antisocially towards security staff may think twice about their actions if they know the events can be easily recorded at the simple push of a button.