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Hytera Body Cameras, PoC &
Multi-Mode Products
Next Generation Hardware with On-Premise & Cloud-Based Software

Hytera offers industry leading equipment and solutions for evidence capture & wide-area PTT. Hytera Body Cameras and Multimode Products enable users to carry less equipment on their person, while still remaining connected to mission critical communication platforms

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Hytera Body Worn Cameras
Industry Leading Technology

Hytera Body Cameras offer robust build quality, unbreakable data security, high quality video and evidence capture and much more.

As a standalone body camera solution, Hytera provides the capabilities to record evidence and upload securely to a PC or Cloud solution. Coupled with Hytera HyTalk, WiFi & 3/4G ebabled devices also double up as a professional mobile radio. 

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Hytera PNC560 Rugged & Encrypted Android PTT Smartphone
Unbreakable data security, outstanding build-quality

The Hytera PNC560 Rugged Smartphone is equipped with unbreakable encryption for complete data security. With an IP68 rating and Gorilla Glass screen, the PNC560 is near unbreakable in design as well - doubling up as a PTT radio, the PNC560 is ideal for use alongside the HyTalk Cloud application.

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Hytera Smart DEMS Software
Wireless, Remote Upload & Central Access

Send body camera footage securely to the cloud without doing a thing! Smart DEMS automatically takes care of remote cloud upload - record your footage and Smart DEMS takes care of the rest!

  • Automatic remote upload over WiFi
  • Central administration log in - no software required!
  • Build 'cases' and export footage with ease
  • Quick & easy account set up - ideal for remote workers
  • Upload only when connected to a specified WiFi network
  • Low annual licensing costs
  •  No need for expensive installation or additional infrastructure
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WiFi Upload & PoC Comms

Hytera offers solutions for both remote, wireless upload of body camera footage, and wide-area comms for supported boy cameras and devices

Easy Access - No Software Required

With a complete, cloud-based solution, you no longer need to worry about expensive installations and additional hardware costs

Instant Alerts & Live Footage

Get the information you need - fast. HyTalk supports live-streamed footage, instant PTT to devices and central access via an administrator despatch portal