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How much footage can my SD card store?

When purchasing a body camera, it is important to take note of how much storage will be needed for your device. Based on the job, usage and adaptability of the camera, knowing which storage size and type you require may help you make a final decision easier.

 ***Please Note: The values listed above are only an approximation and are for reference purposes only, they are in no way guaranteed recording times.

Depending on the job and usage, you may need to be recording for longer or shorter periods of time. Body cameras are not primarily used in continuous usage for an entire shift, as many jobs only require snippets of information. For more personal usage such as runs, dog walks and sports, however, you may need to be recording for longer periods of time and therefore require a little more storage.

On the other hand, for blue light services that are constantly on the move and do not have time to transfer files off their devices, a higher storage size might also be better, so they can collect more footage whilst still on the field.

With site surveys taking anywhere from 90 minutes to 8 hours depending on the size of the building, a larger memory storage size could be critical to making sure your workers are protected for the entire shift.

Some body worn solutions we provide also offer both internal and external storage on one device. This can be used on top of the inbuilt memory if you need more footage time or wish to keep all files in a physical, removable backup.

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