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Fire & Rescue

Fire departments nationwide are implementing body worn camera systems to further provide accurate, reliable accounts of operations and events that occur. Body worn cameras can provide fire and rescue services with evidence to support legal arguments and fire investigations. This evidence can also be used to aid criminal investigations and aid prosecutions. 

In some cases, fire and rescue personnel can come across anti social, aggressive and abusive behaviour from members of the public. Firefighters and other members of the emergency & rescue services can record any events that occur while on duty to protect their own liability. Body worn cameras can also deter members of the public from carrying out antisocial behaviour towards personnel, as members of the public are likely to act differently if they know they are being recorded. 

Footage recorded from body worn cameras can also be used as a tool for training and development with the fire & rescue organisation. Video evidence can be used to demonstrate best practises and help to further improve the performance of the fire and rescue service and aid in preparing personnel in facing any out of the ordinary, adverse situations. 

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