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Benefits of Body Worn Video

Body Cameras are a vital tool for capturing footage from the frontline at the moment of an event or incident. Body Worn Video has already proven to produce outstanding results in many organisations.

  • 90% reduction in complaints against police officers
  • 50% reduction in use of force
  • 90% increase in early guilty pleas
  • 22% increase in time available for patrol


5 Main Reasons why Body Worn Video works for law enforcement, private security firms & emergency services


Body Worn Cameras Provide Accurate & Reliable Evidence

High definition video and audio recordings of any incident make it clearer to see what happened, when, where and who was involved. Eyewitness accounts can sometimes prove inaccurate and there is no real way to tell for sure if an account is 100% truthful. Body worn cameras allow officials to look back at the captured footage for a highly accurate account of the events in question


Body Worn Cameras Deter Crime

When people know that their actions are being recorded they tend to behave differently. The advertisement of body worn cameras in use can deter members of the public from behaving antisocially, abusively or aggressively. This is often referred to as the 'observer effect'. 


Fewer Complaints 

With reliable video evidence to back up a case; fewer complaints against law enforcement personnel are filed. Any that are pressed can be reviewed using the video footage provided. 


Increase in Early Guilty Pleas

Offenders are made aware of the video evidence made against them which has often resulted in the suspect pleading guilty to the crime. 


Less Time Spent on Paperwork

Officers are able to record interviews on video with audio, which saves a great deal of time otherwise spent on transcribing a verbal testimony.